Insurance Plans

Financing Your Care

In our office, we offer high quality care and payment options that work for all of our patients. We will gladly file claims for insurance plans as a courtesy to the patient

Dental Insurance Participation- Fee for Service

Our office is non-participating with all dental insurance. 

Some dental patients feel restricted by their dental insurance, in that they’re not able to select a provider that offer the level of quality care they are looking for. Working outside of the network allows our office to charge a fair and fixed rate for specific procedures, rather than have our fees managed and dictated by a third-party insurance provider. As a result, patients will be able to receive excellent care that isn’t restricted by an insurance carrier’s contract.

We have the patient pay for their services in full at the time of treatment (to be reimbursed directly by their insurance carrier).

Please note: Payment is due at the time of service.

As a courtesy to you, we will bill your insurance company and track claims. Please keep us informed of any changes to your insurance plan. You are responsible for the fees charged by our office, no matter what your insurance coverage may be. Most insurance companies should respond to the claim within four to six weeks. 

We are here to help! Please call for more information about financing your oral health needs in our office! Salem VA Endodontic Office Phone Number 540-989-6648

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